Why do you need the extra large chandeliers?

Type of the lamp you choose mainly depends on theaccommodation, design and personal taste ofthepurchaser.

Amazing extra large chandeliers are mostly needed insmall rooms with high ceilings: hallways, lobby andhalls ofthe theater, banquet, assembly and concert halls,restaurants, business centers, hotels. However,they couldbe used as well in apartments, especially in penthousesand 2-floored flats.
First chandeliers appeared long ago and looked like extralarge chandeliers with hundreds of real candles.How else toilluminate a large room, for example, for the royal ball if theelectricity was not invented andthere is almost no furnitureto place candles on?
Very high ceiling can be fantastically decorated with two- or three-tiered chandeliers made in the same styleas theinterior‘s design. While for not so high ceiling single-tiered chandelier is more than enough. It willilluminate theroom evenly and will not create an unpleasant feeling as if it is hanging over the people.
Imposing wrought-iron extra large chandeliers could be combined with a vintage interior in a building, in arestaurant and museum. And in a classic interior large crystal chandeliers will emphasize on the extentandimportance of the situation. In our days luxurious huge chandeliers could be made of extremely up-to-daysmaterials and in hi-tech design. Such lamps are pertinent in studio apartment as well as loft-style one.
Very often just one chandelier is not enough for illuminating large spaces. In other words, a largechandelier-queenneeds a retinueseveral wall, desk or floor lights. It is reasonable to made them switch onfrom different tumblerswitchers placed in different places around the room so you will be able to regulatethe amount of light needed. Alllamps should be made in the same style and of the same materials as thechandelier itself. One-style set of lampswill help you to cover all the space with bright light and make theinterior‘s design completed and harmonious.

Large antique brass chandeliers


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