Universal character of iron chandeliers

There are a lot of aspects that make an apartment cozyand comfortable. Chandeliers are among of them.They arespecially constructed to fulfill two essential functions:lighting and fitting the interior decoration.One can find avariety of chandeliers that differ in style, basic material andconstruction.

Iron chandeliers symbolize their owner’s prosperity andwealth. However they won’t suit any interior. Forexample, alarge wrouth luminaire may seem irrelevant and pretentiousfor a small cramped room. On thecontrary, it’ll blendperfectly with a spacious hall presenting the antiqueappearance. Before the invention ofsteel productionprocess, wrought iron was used as a principal material forknifes, blades, ornamentalfeatures. Now its main function is embellishing the modern interior.

Black iron chandeliers

Iron chandeliers have several advantages over plastic or glass luminaires:
Durabilitytheir service life may last many years
Plenty of decoration methods
Perfect balance between weight, strength and overall dimensions
Resistance to high temperature
Even if they are made according to single draft, each wrouth chandelier still has unique features, proportionsanddecoration peculiarities.
There are some major types of iron luminaires:
Vertically oriented and made in a form of a candle holder
Circular with light bulbs around the periphery
• In the shape of a pyramid or a flower
Flat and symmetric

They can dress up entryway, bedroom or living room regardless of the entire style. Some of them have afewhumble decorations and simple design to fit into modern interior. It will be perfect for the homeownerofmoderate taste. In spite of its unassuming appearance a high-quality iron luminaire can produce avividimpression.
Unique appearance of wrought chandelier makes it impossible to dispense with it while organizing vintagemedievalor mediterranean room style. In such case it will be relevant to use candle holder luminaire thatprovides a warmglow adding an extraordinary feel to the space.

Iron chandeliers are not just plain luminaires. They outline the room’s identity and create the certaindecorationstyle.

Dining room chandeliers rustic

57 Photos of the Universal character of iron chandeliers

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