The multifunctional modern floor lamps to complete the interior

Torcheres are known to be the most cozy and comfortable lamps throughout the great variety of lights. Yet, for some dozen of years they were supposed to be old-fashioned, so the customers preferred other ways of illumination. But, nowadays, people see the revival of the well-known torcheres that differ in their shapes, sizes, and colors in order to satisfy any style, and/or budget.

The common lights tend to be more elegant. Besides, themodern floor lamps are highly competitive with their good-looking, bright, and creative ideas. For example, an adjustable support gets a unique arcuate, or some other curved shape. There is no standard height for the torcheres. At times, the floor lamps are combined with the similar wall and ceiling lights, helping to build a special and a unique color ensemble, and balance the interior. A tripod torchere with a single original lampshade is rather popular. The floor lamps with the shoulder-height tables are handy to put a cup of tea, or a book and are usually placed next to the bed.  Some floor lamps even include the lightening and the moisturizing functions.

Contemporary floor lamps with shelves

When choosing the floor lamp one should consider the interior style and color. At times, the classical designs are replaced by the crystal Baroque- and Rococo-styled torchers presenting embroidery, or hanging heavy bringers. The all-natural wooden basement floor lamps with sticks, straw, or leaves match the eco- or the country-style rooms. The rattan lights are best with the Provence style, while the bronzed torchere suits the Empire style. The solidity and the moderate patterns are the features of the retro-style, or vintage floor lamps. The bright colors or some incompatible elements used for the traditional torcheres show the kitsch style. The high and tailored art-deco floor lamps look good with the Minimal.

The modern floor lamps style includes using the new materials that replace wood, glass, or fabric. More often, acrylic plastics, metal, ceramics, and rice-paper are used due to their high flexibility. Some torcheres consist of several lampshades, and lighten the ceiling while the bottom is dimmed. Other floor lamps get the bizarre support with no lampshades at all. The stained-glass floor lamps bring an amazing colorful light into the room.

Today, the variety of the floor lamps provides a perfect way to decorate the interior. So, more and more people prefer to design their homes using the simple, yet beautiful light. The latest trends even hide the main function ofthe modern floor lamps with their unusual shape and the individual performance.

Floor lamps up lighting

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