The ceiling lamps are main illuminators

The ceiling lamps are the most natural representatives of illumination system. They are capable to create the effect of on natural light. It is hidden in its technology.

The light for industrial premises as a regular uses from nature created by the light of the sky(direct and reflected), artificial, carried out with electric lamps, and combined, which in the daytime missing according to the norms of natural light supplemented with artificial. The alternative this light can be the ceiling lamps.  The range of natural (sun) light as opposed to artificial even more necessary to humans; ultraviolet rays for natural lighting characterized by higher diffuse (scattering) of light, very favorable for the visual criterion.

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Ceiling lamps are divided into lateral, carried out through light gaps in exterior near the windows, top, exercised through aeration and skylights, the skylight in the ceiling, through light gaps in the location of the height difference of adjacent spans of constructions. Another kind of light of such lamps is combined. Here the light is added to the upper side. On the constructive implementation of artificial lighting may be 2 systems and a combined total, when added to general light local, concentrating the luminous flux specifically in the workplace.

The ceiling lamps have the range of significant advantages. Theyarethenext.

— The longest service life in continuous operation cycle in comparison with incandescent lamps (without frequent on/off);

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— Heating of the case and the tube is significantly lower than incandescent bulbs.

— Relatively low cost.

-This lowers the luminous flux at elevated temperatures;

— The complexity of the scheme (as it clear, the more difficult the aid is, the less it breaks);

— The need for recycling of products which have served their own time;

— It is harmful to the view of the pulsation of the light flux causing eye fatigue, blurred vision cancelled;

— Acoustic noise and high noise do not prevent their work;

— A significant decrease of the luminous flux to the end-of-life;

— If you lower the voltage by more than 10% from the nominal value, the lamp lights up;

As we know and understand the ceiling lamp play an important role in light system. They occupy the main place. Their light goes from above. It gives the room general illumination. It helps to create perfect mood, to be in a good temper. The main light responds for moral human state.

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