Self-made lampshades

Perfect and stylish room interior – it’s not just painted walls, ceiling, matched the tone of the furniture, the lighting also plays a very important role as the unusual chandelier, lampshade or night light can play a crucial role in the overall interior of the room.

Sometimes cute and creative self-made l

Lampshades target

ampshadescould play such an important role in creating necessary nuances.

The options we are offered in stores often have a number of shortcomings: wrong color, size, design and of course high price.

And what if we already have a good and serviceable lampshade, but a bit outdated and you don’t want to get rid of it.

Lamp shades handmade

So it’s high time to use it as a frame for your own self-made lampshade.

You may think that to make good self-made lampshades a hard work which can be done only by experts and designers.

Let’s challenge stereotypes, especially subject to the fact that there are a lot of ways and examples of making self-made lampshade. By the way it’s rather simple and very exciting!

Ideas for your inspiration

Lampshades made of fabric and flowers

The simplest way is to wrap an old lampshade frame with a new lovely fabric from tulle and organza to denim and wool.

You may go further and create an unusual patch-worked collage of small pieces of fabric, add pockets or decorate fabric with artificial flowers and flower buds. By the way, the flowers can also be made of corrugated paper.

There are a lot of master classes in the Internet prepared by different well-known designers, who will explain the whole process of making self-made lampshades.

Lampshades made of wool yarn

How about interesting lampshade made of standard lamp frame, wool yarn and glue?

Of course we will improve this simple technique you were taught in school.

You will need the following materials:

  1. balloon;
  2. needle;
  3. thick wool yarn roll;
  4. glue;
  5. scissors;
  6. spray varnish.

Inflate a balloon to the size of the desired lamp, wrap it up tightly.

Insert the thread into the needle with a wide eyelet, then pierce the glue can and put a thread through it so it will absorb as much glue as needed to create the lampshade, and then take out the needle.

The next step is to wrap the balloon up along its entire surface.

Wait until the threads dry completely, then gently untie the balloon, releasing the air and take it out of the threaded frame.

Spray a varnish over the frame; plug the cord with a light bulb into the lampshade frame.

You can leave the lampshade as it is or you can add some details.

It’s great when your lampshade doesn’t have any design, but only covered with a plain light fabric, because such a surface gives a real freedom for your ideas.

If you know the technique of decoupage it fits for decoration of your old lampshade as never before!

Well-known technique of macramé is another best way of decorating the unique and quirky lampshades.

Another interesting option for updating your old lampshade is to use your old photos, cuttings from magazines and, even your old X-ray photographs!

Hand made things, in recent years, become very popular and widespread, so find the necessary materials and tools to make something special.

Diligence, patience and inexhaustible imagination will become the best helpers in this not always easy, but very interesting work.

Good luck!

16 Photos of the Self-made lampshades

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