Retro lampshades

Lampshades in retro style will never lose its relevance and will not be affected by time and changing fashion.

In our modern world full of fashionable lighting solutionsretro lampshades are of special appeal. They perfectly fit into the interior of room. You can visually adjust the size of the room and distract people’s attention from any shortcomings. And of course they are good in performing their basic function – proper lighting of the room.

Antique lamp shades glass

Moreover retro lampshades bring many of us touching memories of our childhood and atmosphere of goodness and easiness.

Porcelain, cast iron, metal bases and classic fabric lampshades of pastel colors all these are associated with retro style.

How to make the retro lampshades?

To make the lampshade in retro style you will need:

Lampshades for antique floor lamps
  • wire of aluminum or copper (i.e. easily bendable material);
  • fabric of the desired color;
  • safety pins, threads, needle, stapler and PVA glue.

Choose the shape of lampshade.

The best lampshade in retro or vintage style is the round one.

  1. Bend the wire, wrap it and cut the ends using a hacksaw.
  2. Do the spokes. Just cut the straight wire part and weld or seal the pieces to the lampshade frame with the distance in between.
  3. Wrap the fabric around the lampshade.
  4. Fix the fabric using the English needles; make a few stitches in the joints.
  5. Cut the fabric into two strips, which will be used for fixing the lampshade.
  6. Use the stapler or a needle to connect the fabric with the frame.
  7. At the intersections use glue.

Note: Do not apply large droplets of glue as it may leave traces or lighten the fabric.

  1. Leave your lampshade to dry at room temperature.

The lampshade made of silk looks very stylish. But when working with silk and satin fabric stitch it using silk threads as glue and pins are not the best tools for such a gentle material.

Tips on how to choose a lampshade in a retro style

  1. VIP lampshades (made in Portugal, France, Canada, USA, Spain or China) do not heat up and therefore they are safe but cardboard lampshade with cheap led bulbs may be a great alternative for expensive «elite» lampshade;
  2. The crystal lampshades may be decorated using decoupage technique;
  3. Depending on the color of the lamp you can create a certain «mood» in the room. For example, blue light will make the interior more austere, orange light will provide the room a sensation of warmth and soft glow.
  4. The retro lampshades must be of the right size: the lampshade shall be slightly larger than the diameter of the frame. Then there will be the proper air circulation inside the lampshade.

23 Photos of the Retro lampshades

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