Lamps With Black-And-White Lamp Shades: The Chaste Elegance

Black-and-white lamp shades are especially appropriate ininteriors designed according to the principles ofasceticstyles, namely hi-tech and minimalism. As for the patternon the lamp shade, the two mentionedstyles prefer theausterity of simple geometric shapes with sleek curves andsharp angles standing forharmony and dynamism.However, an extravagant white lamp shade with differently-sized black dots orsophisticated monochrome ornaments isquite applicable in more playful styles, such as modern orart deco.

For one, lamps with black-and-white lamp shadesrepresent a good solution to illuminate an interiorthatalready has enough of bright accents, which makes youarrange unremarkable lighting fixtures in order notto overload the space with eye-catching accessories. In thiscase, you need to find simple, non-garish lampshades that will not try to emerge to prominence in the interior. Lookat dotted lamp shades as it’s a non-binding yet interesting pattern. A light-colored room will welcome lamps withblack dots against whitebackground, while a room with a darker color solution allows for both this variant and theoppositewhitedots against black background.

White linen lamp shades

Amusing variants of black-and-white lamps are applicable even in children‘s rooms. Why not, if you choose awhitelamp shade with a pattern of black entertaining silhouettessuch as cats stretching their backs ordancing figures.Yet, it’s worthwhile reminding that a kidsroom interior does not welcome much black andwhite, so make sure youdon‘t overdo it.

Another warning concerns completely monochrome interiorsalthough black-and-white lamp shades aremorethan appropriate here, such an interior suits only the people who seek epatage or follow the pink ofinterior fashionblindly. Combining these two powerful and aggressive colors requires a careful approach.Prevailing in the interior,the solemn color black tends to depress, pushing out all the joy. In turn, whiteinduces tedium when abundant.

Damask lamp shade black and white

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