Lamps for nursery is a serious question

Illumination and light in nursery is very important question. It is especially significant for children`s health, sight. The choice of lamps for nursery should be detailed. Lighting in the nursery should be bright enough. This fact is stated even in building regulations. For example, if you read a recommendations or special literature, “Natural and artificial lighting”, you’ll see that for children to premises standard is 400 Lux. That is, the document indicated how much light must fall on a certain surface, floor or desktop. Theoretically, these calculations can be made: the luminous flux of a bulb is measured in lumens — suites in lumens translate through the formula 1 LX = 1 LM/m2. Needed to calculate data on the package of any lamp — halogen, fluorescent, led.

Therefore, to calculate the required number of lamps for lighting a child’s room is simple. And then remains the most difficult – to do it in practice.

Lamps for nurseries for girls-teal color

In reality, nobody doesn`t calculate the volume of lighting for an individual child at home. It happens because of laziness, by and large, meaningless.

The difficulty for presence of lamps for nursery lies in the fact that the degree of illumination is inversely proportional to the area over which the light falls. That is, at eye level of an adult, the light from the central ceiling fixture will be higher than the eye level of a small child.

In addition also different surfaces in different ways absorb or reflect light, and different areas require different lighting conditions. As a result, the accuracy of these calculations is on the order of 30% (unless, of course, not to carry out the calculations using computer programs)

Nursery lamps unisex

For the best applying and usage of lamps for nursery you must to calculate everything in scientific way. There is the old-fashioned way: you calculate the desired illumination in watts. The formula is the next: the area of a room is necessary to multiply 20 to get the desired total power in watts (as if you put traditional incandescent lamps).

In purchasing lamps for nursery pay special attention for color. The illumination level and color (or color temperature) is largely dependent upon the normal physiological condition of any person, and especially the proper development of vision in childhood. What kind of light, so is your health and the health of the child. Bright daylight adjusts on a working harmony and promotes wakefulness.

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