Lamp shades for pendant lights

While designing the kitchen interior you should pay special attention to local and general lighting. And if the embedded lamps are better suited for local lighting of the cooking surface, cooker or sink, pendant lights will be the best choice for general lighting of the kitchen.

Most pendant lights in the kitchen are used for two main purposes:
for general lighting;
for lighting of dining area.
Purpose of the lamp shades for pendant lights
If your kitchen is large enough you can choose a separate lamp shade for lighting of dining area as lamp shades cannot be used for general lighting. The most effective models are the lamp shades made of cloth or the woven twigs. They give your home a rustic appeal.
The purpose of the lamp shades for pendant lights is to light up the dining table when you are eating your meal and to create a cozy atmosphere. With this regard, they should meet the following requirements:
Lamp shade should be located 120-140 cm, minimum over the surface of the dining table.
The length of the suspension shall be adjustable.
Warm light spectrum of light bulbs.
Selection and installation guidelines
Selection guidelines
While choosing a lampshade for the kitchen you should bear in mind the certain characteristics of this space (humidity, hot air, condensation) as it affects the selection process:
Lamp shade made of different fabrics – not the best choice for the cooking surface, but you hang it over the dining table. But in any case the lamp shade fabric must be of neutral color and dirt-resistant.
Plastic and glass lamp shades age rather good variants but you should take into account the high temperature zones in your kitchen. Some inexpensive models of plastic lamp shades for pendant lights are not high temperature resistant, so they shouldn’t be in the close proximity to the working cooker as they can be deformed.
Despite the reliability of metal elements and component parts they should be cleaned on a regular basis. Of course, the humidity will not damage the mechanical characteristics of cast-iron lamp shades, but without proper care they will lose their appeal of hi-tech style.
The material of the lamp shade is important but what is more important is to take into account the functional characteristics of the lampshades. So, it would be nice to have a model with the adjustable light intensity. This will not only save your money you pay for electricity, but also provide you with an opportunity to control the atmosphere of your kitchen.
Lamp shades for pendant lights installation tips
Prior to the beginning of the installation works, switch off the supply voltage.
If the chosen location in the ceiling is equipped with a special hook – perfect! If not you should drill holes and fasten anchor dowels to the mounting bracket.
When the mounting location on the ceiling is equipped, it’s time to install the lamp shade.
Notes: Decorative plate covering the suspension hook shall move freely around the rod.
The ceiling lights or lamp shades shall be removed not to damage or discolor them in the process of installation.
Then please attach the lamp shade to the hook using the special hole. If the mounting bar is used for installation, screw it up and fix the nuts.
The next step is to connect the electrical components to the power supply network. Use the terminal block for this purpose.
The wires coming from the ceiling shall be stripped with a knife or pliers.
Unscrew fastening of the terminal block and insert the stripped ends of the wires. Hold the wire in the terminal block. Please be careful as the wires may be easily damaged.
Bare sports shall be isolated. Then please close up the terminal block and attach the decorative suspension plate.
The installation process is almost complete. Now you need to install the bulbs and test the functionality of the lamp shades for pendant lights.
Despite their apparent simplicity, lamp shades for pendant lights play a very important role in the design of the kitchen space as they ensure comfort. That is why it is so important to choose the right model that will not only be beautiful, but also be rather effective!

Lamp shades for pendant lights

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