Lamp shades for floor lamps

Constructing lighting in the house – is a complex and creative task. You will have to think about many various scenarios, such as how your ceiling light will look like, what bras and table lamps you’re going to put here and there. And, of course, you will definitely have at least one or even several floor lamps over the house. A floor lamp is not only a functional item of the furniture, it is also a shading master which will be able to change the surrounding the way you need for the moment the best.

Choosing a lamp which you will put on floor, you need to ask yourself, which roles it will play and for which purposes its light will be handy for your home. Is it a lamp in the dining room in the farthest  corner just to add some light and design accent and with no practical mission? Or may it is a lamp which will be put near your favorite sofa for a cozy evening with cocoa and a book? Then you will need a tall lamp with rather bright lights inside to keep your eyes safe while reading. So, as you can see, the purpose will matter.

Mica lamp shades for floor lamps

But now, more and more lighting companies offer multifunctional floor lamps with removable lampshades. So, in fact, you are buying one lamp with the set of shades for different occasions and here you are with the effect of having several absolutely different lamps! Put a crystal glass shade on the lamp – and you will be able to read under its light. Put some dim shade for the night – and you will get some smooth lighting just to draw some mystery accents into the interior.

If there’s a need in personalization, you may order some individual lampshades for your lamp at the manufacturer’s where you have bought it from. Especially it is widespread for luxury lamps and handmade art glass items such as for example Tiffany or Pottery Barn.

But even in the democratic IKEA you will still find some really nice pieces of lighting with various options for lamp shades available for each model. It is only up to you to choose the colors and the tones of the lights of the lamps for that of another moment or occasion.

Floor lamps without shades

If you have talent for it, you may also try and create some shade of your own. It will be at minimum interesting and of course such new lampshade will become the only one of its kind. To do so you may take some ready white lampshade and paint it in colors of your own way, or create the lampshade of your own from the very scratch from wire and tissue. It will be much more difficult but also much more individual at the end.


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