Lamp Shades for Chandeliers: How to Make the Right Choice

Invented more than two hundred years ago in France, lampshades for chandeliers took the world by stormand becameone of the most organic part for the modern drawingrooms. Since ancient times people haveused some specialshutters made of metal to protect their eyes from theharmful light of candles, torches orprimitive lamps. In thecourse of time this protective element has transformed intoattractive decorativeitem, the numerous advantages ofwhich keep catching the attention of modern interiordesigners anddecorators.

Are you looking for some special way of making your homeunique, cozy and eye-pleasing? Lamp shadesforchandeliers nowadays are made of different colors andforms, using a wide variety of fabrics and décor itemsto fullymatch any domestic design. They become not only essential and functional part of interiorenvironment, but alsobeautiful elements, capable of bringing you the most genuine aesthetic pleasure.
Originally lamp shades for chandeliers were made of fabric only, but owing to the imagination and creativityofdesigners and decorators, we are able to enjoy true masterpieces made of glass, crystal, metal, plastic,leather oreven parchment and paper. When you choose the material which is right for you, you shouldconsider not only thedesign of your room, but also the purpose of chandelier and proper place for it. Shadesmade of glass or paper aremore fragile, so it is not a good idea to put them in the crowded room.
Moreover, you should be attentive while choosing the coloration of lamp shade for your chandelier. Keep inmindthat darker shades output less light than lighter ones, but dimming effect can be adjusted by gold orsilver reflectiveliners. Light output can also be controlled by the amount of lamps and their power, as wellas lamp shadesshape.Beyond the basic ones, which include drum, bell, empire or coolie, modern designerspropose more originalshapes: oval, square, hexagon, gallery, cut-corner or scalloped ones.
Having respect to all these factors, you will be able to create not only cozy and functional design for yourroom, butalso make it eye-pleasing and well-remembered in the eyes of all your guests.

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