How to clean your expensive glass lamp and not to break it

To be the owner of an unbelievable expensive glass lamp is definitely a pleasure and a reason to be proud of. But time, dust and do not pay any attention to which piece of furniture they harm. So, once the time to clean the luxury finally comes.

It is the best safe option not to do it by your own if you have an opportunity to delegate it to the professionals. They have more experience in this difficult business, as well as a much wider range of chemistry that can help. Though if the situation is critical and no professional service is available for this task for you, or if you have a pure interest on how to make it on your own, then at least follow the below to tips not to finish the cleaning with breaking the favorite thing into pieces.

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Preparation for the process.

Before you start to clean the glass lamp, make sure you have on hand all the needed materials and products. You will need some tissues for cleaning dust, or other grease and pollutions.

Remember that if you attempt to clean the Tiffany lamps (or the clones, which is not our case of course), that these lamps are made with a specific technology with using different kinds of glass in each piece of the mosaic. It’s better to know which type of glass is where and which polsigh will be the best option to apply. For example for rose colored glass the best thing to get them clean will be to your lemon-oil polish liquid for furniture, and for the clear glass the technique is absolutely the same as for the ordinary windows.

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What is common for the both types if you want to clean glass lamps properly is that you need to be careful and act slowly and steadily, washing and polishing part by part, using fresh cloths for each type of glass and each new type of cleaning liquid.

If your favorite insanely expensive lamp is located somewhere close to the kitchen, you then may notice some food stains or other organic traces on its glass. The experts advise in such cases softly and gently remove all organics with a wet cotton tissue, then very slowly (the glass in such lamps is usually very sensitive) with another piece of cloth and the dish-washing liquid you need to wipe it out thoroughly inside and out, and in the end with soft and fry velvet piece of cloth you will have to polish the lamp till it shines.

As you can see, it is really not that simple and very time consuming to clean a really good and expensive glass lamp and return her magic shining back as it might seem. If there’s a possibility you better entrust this task to a specialist.

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