High floor lamp – a great choice to design any interior

Lightening is one of the most important issues in the interior design. The light zones a room into a working place, and an area for rest and sleep. It can visually correct the shape and the sizesas it softens the lines and the corners, extends the walls, and draws the ceiling up. There is a great variety of lamps to use in order to light accent the room including the high floor lamp.

A floor lamp is a tall electric light with a traditional lampshade over its top. It stands both, on a basement, or simply on the floor. Comparing to the other lamps it has a great advantage – its movability. If necessary, it is easy to transfer,in order to high-lighten another area.

Very tall floor lamps

Usually, the common floor lamp is some 1 meter to 2.5 meters high. Yet, at times, the high floor lamp is preferable. They especially match halls and spacious rooms, while compact floor lamps are perfect for any room. There is no need to fix the floor lamp, as it stands just the way it is. That is why it is important to choose a heavy basement torch to guarantee its stability.

The adjustable floor lamps are convenient in changing their height and the light intensity easily. The dimming function is of the high priority as a local soft light for the bedrooms. Nevertheless, some people prefer using the dimmer in other areas, since it is not only the bright illumination, but sometimes, turning the lights down low that makes one’s home cozy.

The floor lamp functionality depends on its height, power, bulbs quantity, and its design. According to their material and the lamp shape, there are spot, diffused, or reflective light floor lamps. Whetherthe torch light spreads just downwards, or if the direction is changeable, the floor lamp provides a great place for reading. The diffused light lamp shape is preferable in order to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the whole room. When the torch lightens the ceiling and/or the walls, the light reflects, so that the room gets a bright and even illumination. Besides, the ceiling appears to be higher than it really is.

Very tall floor lamps

Nowadays, due to the modern design ideas, the high floor lamp is not just a functional interior element. It helps to cardinally change the room atmosphere andto accent the interior features. Because of the great variety of the sophisticated designs, the old-fashioned and the modern torches are extremely popular today.

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