Glass floor lamps

Wonderful and pleasant invention in illumination domain is the creation of the glass floor lamp. It will be modern decision for your home. You will have cozy and warm atmosphere in your room.

Glass floor lamp — are very popular in lighting direction in Europe for recent years. The glass looks expensive, gives a beautiful flare, and not subject to aging. This kind of lamps with diffused light gives a great pattern which makes any volume ceiling. Models in this series not only shine in the floor, but evenly illuminate the walls and ceiling. Especially beautiful this effect looks on suspended ceilings.

Glass lamp shades for floor lamps

Recessed down light glass will fit well in a classic or contemporary interior. Glass of the highest category does not yellow or fade over time. Ceramic cartridge allows you to put a bright halogen lamp. The lamps can be used to illuminate work areas, general lighting and additional lighting.

Glass floor lamps have many advantages. They are really energy-conservative.

  1. Such lamps require five times less electricity than incandescent usual lamps, but the room lighting is not altered;
  2. Energy saving lamps are several times (6-15) is much longer than normal bulbs;
  3. Energy-saving lamps can be used in the lamps, limiting temperature, since these lamps virtually no heat;
  4. Energy-saving lamps have a much greater surface area than conventional lamps, which means that the uniformity of light distribution throughout the room, emanating from the energy-saving lamps will be more. And uniform light distribution greatly reduces fatigue of the visual organs.

Energy-saving lamps have one drawback: they cost an order of magnitude higher than incandescent bulbs.

Art glass floor lamps

Energy-saving bulb from the ordinary incandescent bulbs differ in structure: they consist of electronic block, basement fluorescent and incandescent lamps where they got their second, a very common name: fluorescent lamps.

It was considered only technical part glass floor lamp. But you should to think about it from designer point of view. It will be look very nice in your room. Such kind of lamp is not only a part of light or illumination, but also a perfect element of interior.

Glass floor lamp can be like a rare and stylish decoration. It will be an excellent accomplishment for your home composition. Though the glass material is very fragile, experts can say you that these lamps are very solid and long-used.


32 Photos of the Glass floor lamps

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