Enlivening your home with colorful lampshades

There are many ways to make your living space livelier andbrighter. You can buy expensive sets of furnitureor evenmake a complete renovation with bright painting,wallpapers or tapestry. There is one easier way,which willtransform your room like nothing else. The solution iscolorful lampshade. It will not just add newlight to yourhome but also bring new perspective, glamour andelegance. The colorful lampshades can be ofvarious sizes,forms and colors. The right lampshades in your home arelike the fancy accessories for yourclothes. The bold coloredones will give a sense of luster to the spaces, which aremade of demure tones. Ifyour room is styled with vividcolors then you can choose lampshades of similar colorscheme, which willcomplement the interior. Shapes canalso differthe more traditional ones are bells, cylinders, spheres anddrums, though you can find fixtures of highlyunusual forms.

Lampshades can be used in any part of your home and everywhere they can bring coziness and warmth. Themorefamiliar places are of course bedside tables, where you can put a classic drum-shape piece. They serveassupplementary light source when the main lights are dimmed. The color of lampshade can be of similartone to yourfurniture and decor. Another example of classic setting for colorful lampshades is a living room. A tall lampshade inthe corner of a front wall can complement the room color scheme as well as contrast it.The size of a lampshade isalso very important. Too smalland it will be ‘lostamongst your furniture, toobig and it will destroy the balance ofyour interior decor.

Purple lampshades

You can also install lampshades in bathroom, kitchen and other places. The bathroom can become yourromanticabode with a charming pendant lampshade above the bathtub. You can choose it with a similar hueas yourdecorative fittings and bathroom accessories such as curtains and sanitary equipment. Such fixturesused as a solesource of light.
A ceiling lampshade can also be perfectly for the kitchen. Placed above the dining table it can brighten theroomwith auxiliary light as well as add a whiff of glamour and warmth.

With all the attention, we give to the matter of interior style and design, we should not forget about theprinciple oflight distribution. Translucent or see-through lampshades are preferable if you need tosupplement light source. Ifyou need to accentuate specific items or areas in your room or add ambience, youcan use lampshades made withdarkened fabrics.

Despite the great variety of shapes and tones, choosing the colorful lampshades that fit best in your decorwith yourlightning needs is never boring. It’s fun and should be a perfect way to realise your creativity andfantasy.

Yellow lampshades


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