Design lampshades as a statement

In the interior of any apartment, even the smallest and insignificant wrong detail may ruin the main concept or design idea. That is why you should carefully choose every single detail in your interior decoration.

Especially this is true about lamps. It is not enough just to hang a light bulb on the ceiling; you should use your imagination and fantasy to decorate it. And the best alternative is to make a lampshade for your lighting facility.

Floor lampshades

Design lampshades available on the shelves of our shops are not always able to please you and very rarely you would find a model perfectly harmonizing with your interior.

How often could we find a new lamp with a beautiful design? And how many times we think of what if we could change our old-fashioned and outdated lampshade which does not fit the new interior to the new design lampshade.

As a result many of us start thinking about opportunities of making design lampshades by ourselves as design lampshades serve some kind of a statement of your personality.

Modern lampshades

In recent times people tend to create new and original items for interior decoration by their own hands. Therefore in their works they use absolutely unusual elements, including cooking utensils, artificial leaves, bamboo and other interesting materials. Unusual design lampshades always attract people’s attention, for instance the lampshade’s frame made of transparent plastic and being papered with old slides, photos or decorative pebbles from the inside.

To make a new lampshade or a chandelier is not as difficult as it might seem at first sight.

It’s pretty simple, if you have a lot of brilliant ideas inside your mind. Be creative, experiment and you will create a bright interior full of unusual and unique parts of the single-lined concept.

Ideas for inspiration

Here are some examples of lampshades designs:

  • Knitted lampshades
  • Lampshades made of paper
  • Lampshades made of plastic and other materials
  • Beaded lampshades

Easy and simple designs


The easiest option is to remove the old fabric from the lampshade frame and to cover it with paper (you can use rice, crepe, corrugated paper).


Using colored plastic folders, you can create amazing beautiful lampshades that will create a rainbow on the walls and the ceiling of your apartment.


For lampshade you will need a transparent fabric, scissors, glue and nylon threads. Make flowers from the fabric you have or you can buy a ready-made kit or petals of artificial flowers in order to make the lampshade of original design.

Beaded or knitted lampshades

Those who are interested in beading can make beaded lampshades. You can simply strung beads on fishing line and stretch it from top to the bottom edge of the lampshade frame.

Those who are interested in knitting may strive for inspiration in fashion interior magazines.

There are many ways of making self-made creative lampshades. The only thing you need is patience as it helps bringing your dreams to live.

Please see our photo gallery to catch the inspiration and let your design lampshades be the statement of your ideas and dreams.

Good luck!

20 Photos of the Design lampshades as a statement

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