Children’s lampshades

Chandeliers, lamps, wall bracket lamps, pendant lights, table lamps… all of these lighting facilities are used and it doesn’t matter where you use these lamps: in the nursery, in the bedroom, in the kitchen or in any other room.

But as for the lamps for children’s there are special requirements and these requirements are more stringent than for the lamps used in any other room.

Lampshades for nursery

As for the children’s lampshades they can be the significant part of the nursery’s interior or may be a perfect addition to it as the children’s lampshades are available in a large number of styles and designs.

Herewith you may not only find the lampshade that looks interesting but also find a multi-purpose lampshade for instance for lighting up a certain part of your child’s bedroom.

As you know children like everything bright, colorful and fun: bright wallpapers and funny images of butterflies and dragonflies on the walls, high-quality furniture in the form of castles or cars, colorful accessories such as bedclothing with grass and ladybirds and so on and so forth.

Baby lampshades

And parents should pay special attention to the lighting of the nursery, because poor light can cause undesirable diseases and problems with your child’s studying process.

Requirements for the lampshades

  • Materials: durable and high-quality non-toxic
  • Colour: bright colours
  • Design specifically for kids:
  • lamps for girls
  • lamps for boys

The children’s lamps should be durable so the best lampshades for the nursery are those made of wood, rattan, plastic and safety glass.

As the kid can throw a car, a ball and any other toy in a lamp, the lamp should be unbreakable in order not to hurt the baby.

If you buy lamps from cheap materials they will emit toxic substances when heated and it may be harmful for children.

However, the lamp must be not only qualitative, but it also must bring fun and comfort for your child’s daily life.

Children’s lampshades may serve the night lights helping you kid to fall asleep as soon as possible as the right lampshade makes the room less scary.

So there are certain benefits of the children’s lampshades.

Benefits of the children’s lampshades

  1. Multipurpose
  2. Availability of various styles and design patterns

3.      Competitive price and quality of materials

And now let’s talk about main tips on how to choose the right lampshade for the nursery.

How to choose the right children’s lampshades?

When choosing a lampshade in the nursery please consider the following

  • age of your child;
  • sphere of interest of your children;
  • lampshade’s main

For toddlers the best variant will be the lampshade with their favorite cartoon characters: Mickey Mouse and his girlfriend Minnie Mouse, Winnie The Pooh or Tigger. For elder children you can choose Hello Kitty theme.

For boys these can be lampshades jungle themed or camouflage lampshades, lampshades with tanks and cars.

For schoolchildren the best option will be the interesting lampshades with unusual design.

You can buy a lampshade but the best thing about lampshades for the nursery is that you can make it by yourself.

Instructions on how to make the self-made lampshade please see in the article: Self-made lampshades.

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3 Photos of the Children’s lampshades

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