Chandeliers with candles — a real spectacular sight

Soft and pleasant atmosphere of a real palace can becreated by one thing – a candle chandelier. The glowofcandles can be a great substitution of electric lights orthere are examples with the imitation of the realcandle.Usage of real candles in such chandeliers results in noextra wiring and lower power bills, but it canalso have anumber of disadvantages. There is a constant hazard offire and possible wax drips falling on thefloor. Anotherpeculiarity of chandeliers with candles is theirappropriateness. They do not suit crampedspaces andsleek furniture with hard edges and clean cuts, but lookgorgeous in a ballroom, spacious livingroom or sleepingquarters.

A modern variety of different styles, materials and sizes of chandeliers with candles can look marvelous in amultitude of styles and due to modern technologies you can purchase various wattages and change theamount oflight in your room from intimate glow to bright focal point. Another peculiarity of candlechandeliers is an opportunityto change its look from time to time. Some people prefer natural and homelyatmosphere, while others are fond of eye-catching bright colors. Both variants can be created just usingsuitable decorated jars, colorful light fixtures orsimply leaving candles bare.
Chandeliers with candles need some maintenance. It requires both regular cleaning and frame polishing, butincase with real candles it is important to get rid of molten wax seeping into the carvings. Another aspect isthe factthat candles produce smoke and if there are crystal or glass decorations, they can be blackened by it. Right careand nurturing of the chandelier will continue its glory and exquisite beauty for a long time.Apart from timelessappeal, candle chandeliers add romance and old-world charm. These chandeliers createshadows flickering aroundthe room and are a real spectacular sight. Moreover, they are quite affordable,easily installed and will never go outof style. Though candle chandelier is a very fragile object, it isdefinitely a focal point of every room.

Flameless candle chandeliers

Affordable shabby chic candle chandeliers

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