Big Modern Chandeliers: Types and Location

Nowadays modern chandlers are a great variety of forms,textures and ideas. Designers use glass, textile,crystal, highquality plastics, and even women tampons as has recentlyJoana Vasсonсelos done to create oneof the big modernchandeliers.

If you want to buy such a piece of art and mount it at home,you should not have high ceilings necessary or astaircaseat least. A lighting unit cannot be long, it may be broad andplain.

Chandeliers modern contemporary

If you want to buy a long chandler, you must previouslythink whether it would match your room’s interiorandceiling’s height. Many people consider high ceilings to be an advantage, though there are some caseswhen the wallsheight should be better reduced. It concerns narrow long rooms, as corridors, for example.Big modern chandelierswould lower the ceiling visually and make the room more cozy. The chandlers of 25inches length, mounted onchain or cable would match high ceilings most of all. The ideal variant here wouldbe luster with lamp shade, thatproduce uneven shadows.

As for short ceilings, the broad plain lighting unit here is what the doctor ordered. This will give a uniquelook foryour ceiling and make the room seem spacious. It is not necessary to fix the lamp on the ceiling. Youmay mountmany units around the room. The important condition here is that all lampslight must bedirected upwards. Theceiling would be enlarged visually in this case only.

If you live in a cottage, the big modern chandeliers are obligatory for you. The long luster with descendingcrystaldroppings would match the staircase in a perfect way for it would cast a curious design lightbackwards on the walls.Country style luster would match wooden staircase effectively. Designers evenmount luster with crystal droppingson the ceiling of the upper stage, and the lighting unit’s end may touchthe floor of the lower stage. In this case, ifthe light is turned on, the luster reflects crystal shiny rain on thesteps. It looks amazing.

Large led chandeliers

There are no limits of imagination leap in decorating your houses. We hope that we opened the doors ofyourfantasy today.

8 Photos of the Big Modern Chandeliers: Types and Location

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