Antique desk lamps

One another kind of lamps – is antique desk lamps. This kind of style appeared in Ancient Greece. It was the period of prosperity the most various art forms: architecture, sculpture, painting, vase painting, where lamps origin take place. The key features of lamp made in this style are the next — harmony, beauty of form, balance and proportionality.

The goal represents the deriving aesthetic pleasure. The antique desk lamps transfer these feelings. The ancient era has left an indelible mark in the history. Later antique style was interpreted by later styles as a reference and example to follow.

Stained glass lamp shades antique

Antique style combines architecture and culture of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. You can show it even in antique desk lamps. The illumination represents the connection of simplicity and elegance, with no unnecessary details. For dwellings of the ancient Greeks were characterized by careful forethought and artistry of the interior, the geometry of lines, symmetry and regularity, rationality and constructiveness. In turn in Ancient Rome to the interior were added various decorations.

The representatives of the style, the ancient Greeks were the first who expressed a preference for housing with a large number of rooms designed for different needs, with all rooms located around the main room — the atrium. Their successors the Romans made their homes more spacious, and the interior is more lush and luxurious. These details were not occasionally mentioned in this article. It formed the whole great style called antique.

The antique desk lamp is combination of history and coziness. The presence of such lamps is a step to your self-development and beauty in your room. For the interior in the antique style are required some facilities such as the presence of a large space, spacious rooms, high ceilings and large window openings. We offer you to learn more about the main features of the ancient style in the interior. In such case the antique style have place to be.

Small antique desk lamps
 Antique desk lamp – it’s the same classic, only represented in some distant resemblance to the forerunner of modern motifs. If the current classic is a rectangular sketchiness, the Antiquity will be more like a smooth and fillets of sensations, not the decor and interior. Modern interior that has been designed in the spirit of Antiquity, often complemented by paintings or tapestries based on mythological subjects. And lamps, made in this style will have wonderful influence to man`s imagination.

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